Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Readers' Opinion Survey: The Greatest Foreign Threat to U.S. Security

I am interested in what the readers of this blog consider to be the greatest foreign threat to the security of the United States. Therefore, I am inviting you to participate in an opinion survey.

There are many choices. Please choose from among the following, listed in alphabetical order:

China, H1N1 Influenza, Iran/Syria/Hezbollah/Hamas, North Korea, al-Qaeda and its allies, Russia, or Venezuala and its allies

I did not include illegal drugs because -- alas -- it is an import arising from domestic demand, which makes it an internal threat. I also did not include the entry of people into the U.S., legally or illegally, as it is more of a potential means for the other security threats to enter than a security threat itself. However, please feel free to make another choice in addition to the ones I have suggested.

Please post a comment to this post indicating your choice and a brief explanation. You may choose more than one if you are categorizing your choices (e.g. greatest short-term threat vs. long-term threat, most likely to attack, most potentially dangerous, etc.).

I shall reserve from commenting on the choices until after I have received your responses. The more responses, the better the survey will be. Look for a post summarizing the results and providing my thoughts within a few weeks. Until then, readers may follow the progress of the survey by viewing the comments.

Thank you for your participation. I hope you enjoy the opportunity to express your thoughts.

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Chevalier Family said...

I believe the greates threats to the US is the US. Our philosophy is one of egoism, indifference, and blindness to see the reality of nihilism before us. Our educational system is failing us; there is little or no interest. We abandonded those values which build character: accountability, responsibility, moral parenting, moral education, and most of all, we have abandoned God from our lives.