Thursday, August 12, 2010

2,000 Visits to My Blog

My blog has now been visited 2,000 times since I began tracking hits on April 2, 2009. Thank you for visiting!

As always, I do not count my own visits and only count page views that are at least one hour apart as separate visits. If I counted all such page views as hits besides my own plus visits to unidentified pages, there would be about 2,800.

The highlights since my last report include the 400th and 200th visits to my blog’s two most popular posts, respectively: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization and The Economy, Deficit and Debt at George W. Bush’s Inauguration. Five other posts have now been visited 50-100 times: Obama Did Not Inherit the Deficit from Bush, Radicals in the Obama Administration, Lepanto, by G.K. Chesterton, Follow-up on the Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization, and A Comparison of the Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian Earthquake. The next most popular posts also continue to receive visits. These figures include only visitors who landed on these pages, not those who might have viewed these pages from my blog homepage. In addition to those who viewed my blog homepage, visitors have landed on 119 posts and visited 14 more.

Visitors have come from 70 foreign states and Hong Kong, with the most from Malaysia, followed by Canada. There were even visits from Andorra, Cyprus and Micronesia since my last report. There were visitors from at least 49 American states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, with the most outside of Pennsylvania coming from California.

I am thankful that there are now 10 followers to my blog. I am especially grateful to my most loyal readers. Please continue to visit, comment or suggest topics or ask questions.

As always, in between posts, I make notes for future posts. I have dozens planned, in addition to being ready to respond to developing issues. Visit at least weekly in order not to miss any posts, as my homepage only displays the seven most recent posts (you may view older posts by clicking on the link to them on the bottom of the homepage of my blog or by using the links to the archive on the left-hand column).

I shall take this opportunity to add that after I observed in a post earlier this month that Europe is providing a model for the Obama Administration to cut spending, there was some commentary calling upon the Administration to follow that model instead of proposing more spending.

Also, I have noted how Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has been spreading his Marxist revolution throughout Latin America. United States Representative Connie Mack (R-FL) has introduced a bill in Congress to declare Venezuela a state sponsor of terrorism for its aid to FARC, the Colombian narco-terrorist Marxist rebels. Venezuela provides aid and gives safe harbor to the terrorist organization, which meets the definition of a state sponsor of terrorism. The designation as a terrorist sponsor triggers several harsh measures against that state.

Again, I thank all of you for your patronage.

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Chevalier Family said...

Congratulations! Hope you get another 2000 soon.