Sunday, July 13, 2014

More Evidence of Russian Federation Provocations in Georgia and Ukraine

Russian Federation sympathizers, and their liberal and isolationist allies in the West, vilify every state into which Russia comes into conflict and blame everything on them, while denying or justifying every transgression, no matter how severe, committed by the Russian Federation’s authoritarian regime.  However, evidence always emerges, both at the time and afterward, of Russian culpability.  Recent reports from both Georgia and Ukraine have added to the growing body of evidence of provocations by the Russian regime.

            The European Court of Human Rights found the authoritarian Russian government abused the human rights of Georgians with a coordinated campaign of arrests and expulsions that particularly targeted Georgian Nationals residing in Russia, beginning in 2006 and the subsequently held them in poor conditions.  The Russian Federation invaded Georgia in 2008. 

            American intelligence suggests the Russian government, despite its denials, is aiding the pro-Russian separatist rebels, which corroborates Ukrainian charges against the Russian Federation.  As I have posted previously, Russian military forces had also secretly infiltrated Ukraine prior to the pro-Russian takeover of Crimea, which they later admitted after having repeatedly denying involvement.  The Russian aggression resulted in the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation

           Meanwhile, as the Ukrainian military liberates more parts of Eastern Ukraine from the Russophiles, reports are emerging of human rights abuses committed by the pro-Russian separatists against ethnic Ukrainians and others.

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