Sunday, August 31, 2014

Update on the Victimization of Cinfici by Obamacare

           The Commonwealth Foundation, a link to which appears at right, published a story about my victimization by the federalization of health insurance (“Obamacare”) that I posted about in May ( on its website.

The Commonwealth Foundation’s article quoted me as saying “They are taking my freedom away – punishing me for being responsible and saving for care,” and “I’ll have to postpone some things, probably deferring maintenance around my house.  It’s less I’ll be spending in the local economy.  You can call it a negative stimulus.”  The article has been published as an op-ed across Pennsylvania at Pennlive (the Harrisburg Patriot’s website), at Watchdog Wire, a website that publishes citizen journalism in many American States, and in print and online in the Phoenixville Phoenix

Meanwhile, I called my health insurance company to cancel my policy by the end of August, when the plan was no longer compliant with the federalization of health insurance (“Obamacare”), even though those of us who liked our plans had been promised by United States President Barack Obama that we could keep them.  Alas, the company cancelled me a month prematurely without notifying me, leaving me among the ranks of the uninsured, even though the purpose proponents of Obamacare claimed was to provide insurance for the uninsured.  Under the federalization of health insurance law, I could not be reinstated by my insurer.  By the middle of the month, I was relieved to obtain coverage from my new health insurance company.

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