Monday, September 22, 2014

Obamacare Funds Abortion on Demand

Federal money under the law that federalized health insurance (“Obamacare “) has subsidized insurance coverage for abortion on demand (i.e. for nearly any reason), according to a federal General Accounting Office report, despite United States President Barack Obama’s Executive Order that no federal funds would be used to subsidize abortions, other than for certain limited circumstances. 

Insurance companies that received federal subsidies for health insurance for lower-income people were required to charge separate premiums for abortions committed for any reason other than the limited circumstances and to segregate the funds.  In practice, however, most companies failed to abide by the requirements, meaning that federal money pays for obtain abortion on demand.  The subsidies only are provided in those states that opted to establish state health insurance exchanges.  Twenty-seven states, including Pennsylvania, opted to allow the federal government to establish the exchange instead. 

As I had posted in 2009, conservatives predicted that Obamacare would result in federal funding of abortion and we were dubious that Obama’s Executive Order would be adequate to prevent the subsidization of abortion on demand with federal taxpayer money.  

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