Saturday, December 6, 2014

Republicans Sweep the Congressional Runoff Elections in Louisiana

           Republican Congressional candidates for United States Senate and member of the House of Representatives were all elected in runoff elections in Louisiana today. 

           The Republican Party adds two Representatives to its caucus in the House, for a total of 246, while the pickup of a seat in the upper chamber gives the GOP a total of 54.  The Democrats have 189 in the House and 46 in the Senate, respectively.  Including the results from the Louisiana runoffs, Republicans gained a net of 12 House and 9 Senate seats in the 2014 General Election.  With the defeat of Louisiana’s incumbent Democratic Senator, no member of the party of Andrew Jackson holds any statewide federal or state office in the deep South.  Republicans also control every state legislative chamber.  The region was once known as the “Solid South” for its support of the Democratic Party.

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