Friday, April 3, 2015

Six-Year Blog Visit Report; Happy Easter

           In the six years since StatCounter has been tracking pageviews to my blog, there have been nearly 6,170 visits to my blog, according to my strict definition of a visit.  Thank you for visiting!

As always, I do not count my own visits and only count as separate visits those pageviews by individuals that are at least one hour apart, as well as not counting visits that are obviously not by individuals or in cases in which it is unknown which page was visited.  Even without these exceptions, counting repeated pageviews of the same page during one visit or the total number of views of various pages per visit would yield a number thousands higher.  Fewer visitors than before are able to be tracked by StatCounter because of privacy protections, as I can judge by the statistics of hits tracked by the blog host, Blogger, as the latter is able to track many more than the former, although sometimes pageviews are tracked by StatCounter and not Blogger. 

There has been no change in the statistical proportions of visits as before.  Visits from American States tend to come from Pennsylvania most, followed by other States in proportion to their population, more or less.  Malaysia, Algeria, Canada and the United Kingdom remain the foreign states which are the sources of the most visits, but with the trend especially more toward Algeria than Malaysia over the previous year.  The visit from the most exotic country last year was from Fiji.  The Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization, with over 1,500 visits, and Commentary on the Roman Influence on America Exhibit at the National Constitution Center, with well over 400, remain the two most popular posts since StatCounter began tracking visits to my blog in 2009, but The Rev. Monsignor Felix A. Losito, Rest in Peace was the second-most visited post over the last year, behind the Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization.  Each of the three posts from 2009-2011 attracted 25-50 visits.  Lepanto, by G.K. Chesterton and Useless Cabinet Departments were the next most-frequently visited posts.  The homepage of my blog was the overall most visited page since my last blog report.

I especially appreciate repeat visitors, public or private followers and those who post comments.  Please visit at least weekly.  Again, thank you for your patronage. 

I wish all my visitors a Happy Easter!

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