Friday, May 8, 2015

Conservatives Win a Majority in the British Parliamentary Elections

           Conservative Party candidates won a majority of the seats in the parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom, their first majority in over two decades.  David Cameron becomes the first re-elected Tory premier since Margaret Thatcher. 

The Conservatives will no longer have to govern in coalition with a leftist junior partner, as the leftist party suffered heavy losses.  The main center-left opposition party lost ground not only to the Tories, including even in Wales, but especially to the Scottish nationalist party.  Indeed, the center-left was nearly completely swept out of Parliament in Scotland.  The victory for the Conservatives was an upset, as the public opinion polls had suggested a tight race between the Conservatives and the center-left opposition without any party gaining a majority and the necessity of negotiations to form another coalition government.  

The Conservatives benefited politically by economic recovery and the rejection of the referendum of Scottish independence that kept the United Kingdom united, as well as their promises of more devolution of power to Scotland and Wales.  The incoming Tory Government will implement sound fiscal policy and keep the U.K. in the European Union, while pushing to regain some sovereign powers from the E.U., while also retaining the pound sterling, instead of joining the European Monetary Union and adopting the Euro as a monetary unit. 

The incoming Conservative British Government will also continue their strong allegiance with the United States and participation in the War on Terrorism, especially the current campaign against the “Islamic State.”

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