Sunday, August 23, 2015

Three New American Heroes Deserve Medals

           As terrorists have made the world their battlefield, off-duty members of the armed services, and even civilians, can be on-duty ad hoc soldiers in the War on Terrorism at any point. 

The three Americans, together with two other passengers, who subdued the Islamist terrorist yesterday on a train in France all were acting bravely as soldiers in the war.  One is an active-duty soldier (an Airman), another a National Guardsman and the third a civilian.  Their heroic deeds saved many from death or injury.  The two servicemen should be awarded military medals for valor, including a Purple Heart for the one who was wounded, and the civilian a civilian medal for their actions.  They deserve not only decoration, but appreciation and admiration.  

Not only did these heroes save lives and achieve a victory in the War on Terrorism, but made Americans proud.  May their heroism serve as a model for all of us if ever faced with such a situation.  They are the latest in a line of such ad hoc soldiers during the war, such as the passengers of Flight 93 on September 11, 2001, or the passengers aboard the planes who subdued the shoe and underwear bombers, all of whom also deserve civilian medals.  With Americans acting like these three heroes, like those before them, the terrorists do not stand a chance.  

May God bless the three new American heroes!

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