Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pennsylvania Liberal Governor Tom Wolf Expands the Ineffective Medicaid Welfare Program

           Pennsylvania’s liberal Democratic Governor, Tom Wolf, as expanded Medicaid under United States President Barack Obama’s federalization of health insurance (“Obamacare”).  The federal program is so ineffective in covering the costs of healthcare that many doctors already decline to accept Medicaid patients, which often forces them to seek basic healthcare at clinics and hospital emergency rooms that could otherwise be addressed in doctors’ offices.  Expansion of Medicaid will further burden the welfare program.
Wolf’s expansion of Medicaid eliminates the incentives for recipients to work in the previous system approved by conservative Republican Governor Tom Corbett.  Corbett’s plan had subsidized the purchase of private insurance instead of providing more government insurance.  It also had included incentives for better health practices and required some co-payments.  Even the liberal Obama Administration had approved Corbett’s plan. 

Wolf is regarded as the most liberal Governor in the United States.

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