Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cinfici Wins another Reading School Director Candidate Forum

           I participated Monday in the Reading School District Board of Directors Candidate forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters and broadcast on Berks Community Television.  As always, one may visit BCTVs website at to check the schedule for rebroadcasts or even to order a video of the forum. 

           See also the Reading Eagle story about it here:

           Despite being outnumbered five to one by the other candidates, who are running together as a ticket, I held my own, with several of the other candidates often agreeing with me.  Three different times there was division among the candidates, with at least one of them backing me up with critical facts.  

           We fielded a wide variety of questions.  I was able to hit all my major campaign themes of experience (as the only candidate for School Director with more than two years experience), making the Administration more accountable and increasing openness and transparency for more honest, effective and efficient government, including ending pay-to-play for no-bid contracts.  My inclusion of special education, among my priorities of safety and security and fiscal responsibility, was the only time this critical issue was mentioned by any candidate in the forum.

           I was especially glad to field a question from the only homeviewer about what we thought of allowing students to conduct course evaluations, just as they do in college.  I responded that I had initiated such a program that the School District Administration had actually implemented at Reading High School for a time and would pursue restoring it.  The program is not for teacher evaluation, but for self-improvement, and is part of customer feedback in regard to the course, materials and activities, as the District is there to serve its students.  My other major motivation for it is to provide students another opportunity to practice writing skills.

           I thank the LWV and BCTV for sponsoring and broadcasting the forum.  Finally, I would be remiss not thank the late Edmund Doherty, who for many years put these candidates fora together to help make voters more informed about their candidates.       

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