Sunday, April 10, 2016

Seven-Year Blog Visit Report

           In the seventh year that Statcounter has tracked pageviews to my blog, another 290 visits were recorded, using my usual strict measure (not counting my own visits, counting only pageviews at least one hour apart as separate visits and not counting any visit for which the page is not identifiable or any obviously non-human visits). 

There was a dramatic increase in the number of visits to my blog homepage.  Among the interesting visits this year were visits from the Smithsonian Institute and St. Lucia.  Statcounter has tracked over 6,400 visits to my blog since 2009.  As noted in previous reports, Blogger has been tracking far more pageviews, especially over the last few years, but Statcounter’s more specific information provides more helpful feedback and sometimes Blogger does not track every visit that Statcounter does.  

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Please continue to visit regularly, post pages of my blog to other websites, or to post comments.  

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