Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Center-Right Wins the Peruvian Presidential Elections

           In another blow to the left and to the revolution inspired by Venezuela’s Socialist dictatorship, a center-right candidate was elected President of Peru earlier this month, ousting the leftist ruling party, whose candidate did not even make it to the run-off election, as the second-round was a contest between two conservative candidates.

            The leftists had earlier also lost their majority in the Peruvian congressional elections, with the main conservative party winning a majority and the center-right party of the incoming President tying for the second most seats in Peru’s Congress.

            As I have posted, the leftists lost the Argentine presidential election last year, Bolivians rejected a referendum for a constitutional amendment to end term limits to allow their leftist President to continue to serve and the democratic center-right opposition won a supermajority in the Venezuelan congressional elections.  These results, together with those in Peru, clearly demonstrate a reversal of the prior trend towards the Left, socialism, authoritarianism and opposition to the United States of America.  

           I congratulate the Peruvians.  May the new Peruvian President succeed in defending liberty and in increasing prosperity while establishing good relations with the U.S.      

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