Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Foreign Digest: Venezuela, Ukraine, Turkey, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, the Falklands

There have been more demonstrations by the democratic opposition in Venezuela against the dictatorship, as the socialist state plunges ever deeper into economic ruin. 

Russian-speaking separatists continue their fight in Ukraine, backed by the Russian Federation.  Thousands of Ukrainians have been killed in their rebellion.  Russia’s latest imperialism in Ukraine has inspired more separatism in the Russian-speaking Transnistria region of Moldova

The purge of the opposition in Turkey has continued and even expanded, as the Islamist dictatorship uses the excuse of the attempted military coup to eliminate all opposition, in the style of Russia and Venezuela.  The Turkish government has also requested the extradition of an exiled Muslim cleric living in Pennsylvania, but the United States will not accept the request without adequate evidence of criminality.

            Bangladesh has been prosecuting and executing Islamists responsible for crimes against humanity in the 1971 war of independence from Pakistan.

There has been more active opposition lately to the Marxist autocracy of Robert Mugabe since the presidential election was rigged in 2009, which led to the elevation of the opposition leader to the office of prime minister.  The opposition is more widespread, too.

Falkland Islands
           Argentina and United Kingdom have initiated a rapprochement in regard to the Falkland Islands, which are a British colony, but claimed by Argentina.  Anglo-Argentine relations had been inflamed by the previous leftist Argentine government, but the new conservative president has won agreements with the U.K. on resources in the Falklands area and flights between Argentina and the British-owned islands.  The agreement is also a success for the U.K.’s new conservative Prime Minister.

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