Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Update: A New Italian Government under Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni

           Paolo Gentiloni was sworn in as Prime Minister of the Italian Republic Monday, along with his coalition government, in record short time between effective governments.  The center-left premier succeeds Matteo Renzi as President of the Council of State and is keeping most of his predecessor’s coalition executive which their party leads, with a few ministers changing positions.

            Gentiloni yesterday and today won the required parliamentary vote of confidence for his coalition government from lower and upper chambers of Parliament, respectively.  President Sergio Mattarella had asked Gentiloni to invite all parties to join a government of national responsibility, but only the small center-right and most of the small centrist parties of the previous government did, which were sufficient for a parliamentary majority, with the opposition parties voting no or not voting.

The most significant change in Gentiloni’s executive from Renzi’s is the promotion to the Foreign Ministry from that of the Interior of the pro-American center-right leader of the junior coalition partner to replace the new premier.  Italy will join the United Nations Security Council next year and host the Group of Seven economic powers in Taormina, Messina, SicilyItaly has been a staunch ally of the United States, particularly against terrorism.  The ministers of the Government are being confirmed by Parliament. 

Gentiloni has listed employment, fixing the electoral law, the bank crisis, and earthquake relief as priorities.

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