Monday, February 6, 2017

Three Recent Blog Visit Milestones

           One post has now been visited over 500 times, another post has become the fourth-most visited post to my blog, while a third has now become the tenth post to my blog ever to be visited at least 100 times, as tracked by StatCounter.

My post, Commentary on the Roman Influence on America Exhibit at the National Constitution Center, from July of 2010, was recently visited for the 500th time, the second-most of all 858 posts, second only to The Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization, from April of 2009, which has been visited over 1,600 times.  A post from November of 2011, The Rev. Monsignor Felix A. Losito, Rest in Peace, has been visited over 180 times, the fourth-most number of times a post has been visited.  A post from March of that year, Useless Cabinet Departments, has been visited 100 times.  These figures do not include visits to the homepage or archive of my blog, which means that additional visitors tracked by StatCounter may have read these posts.

Although posts over the last few years have been visited less often than some of the earlier posts, at least until now, there has been a dramatic increase in visits to the blog homepage.

The blog host, Blogger, tracks significantly more pageviews to my blog than StatCounter, but the latter’s greater specificity allows for better analysis.  

Thank you for visiting.

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