Thursday, March 16, 2017

European Union Digest: EU Presidential Election, Italian Abortion Objections, Hungarians Protest, United Kingdom EU Separation Plan Approval

European Union Presidential Election
            Conservative Donald Tusk of Poland this week was reelected President of the European Union, with the backing of all of EU member states, except that of his own.  The far-right authoritarian Polish government objected to his reelection.

Italian Abortion Objections
            Abortion is legal in Italy, with relatively few restrictions, but not widely used, as Italian culture is pro-life.  In fact, so many doctors and other healthcare workers conscientiously object on moral grounds to performing abortions that the European Union recently chided Italy for the lack of availability of abortion.  As Italy, like other industrialized states, suffers from a decline of its non-immigrant population, the EU instead ought to be encouraging Italians to reproduce more.

Hungarians Protest the Illiberal Government
            The Hungarian Supreme Court recently ruled this week that a protest against the far-right nativist authoritarian Hungarian Government was constitutional.  The self-described “illiberal” Government had attempted to ban the protest.  Thousands of Hungarians then conducted the protest against Hungary’s ruling party in an exercise of the freedoms of assembly and speech. 

United Kingdom European Union Separation Plan Approval 
           The plan of the Conservative British Government for the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union by 2018 has been approved by Parliament.  Britons had approved leaving the EU in a referendum in 2016 and Parliament had approved a measure to separate.  

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