Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blog Milestones

For this monthly blog report, I am pleased to report several blog milestones were reached. A second post, The Economy, Deficit and Debt at George W. Bush’s Inauguration, has been viewed by over 100 people. The total number of visitors to my blog since April 2 reached 500 early in this month (including both those whose visit was initiated on my homepage and searchers who landed on individual posts). Later in the month, the total number in the latter category alone passed 500. There have now been nearly 700 total visits to my blog in the first five months that I have tracked it, and over 750 individual pages viewed. Thank you!

A visit is defined as a page view at least one hour after the last page view. If I were to count every page view as a hit, then the 1,000-hit milestone would have been reached this month also, but I consider it more accurate to count visits than every reload of a page. I do not count my own visits toward these totals.

Visitors have come from at least 45 States in the Union, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. California continues to be the leading source of visits within the U.S., other than Pennsylvania. Visitors have come from 41 foreign states. Malaysia has now surpassed the United Kingdom as the source of the most foreign visits, followed by Canada and India in third and fourth place, respectively.

Increasingly, I see that a number of you are loyal readers, and more of you have even joined as Followers. For example, the top ten visitors who initiated their visit to my blog on my homepage account for nearly 120 visits alone. I appreciate your patronage. I also can tell by the searches that my posts are helpful to many readers, while other times the searches inspire me to expound more on particular topics or address additional topics.

I posted more often in August than in any month except April. I have several more posts in the works, as I often make notes in between posting, so please continue to visit my blog periodically.

Again, thank you for making my blog successful!

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