Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Radicals in the Obama Administration

As a candidate for President of the United States, Barak Obama was exposed as having associated extensively with radicals. From being a disciple of Sol Alinsky, the author of Rules for Radicals, to attending a church for decades whose pastor who inspired him was the infamous black radical, Jeremiah Wright, to launching his first campaign for public office from the home of his friend, William Ayers, who had bombed the Pentagon as a member of the guerilla group, the Weather Underground -- an act for which he has expressed regret only for not having done more -- Obama seemed to be comfortable with far-left wing revolutionaries, despite his weak assurances that he did not necessarily agree with them.

It is not suprising that, as president, Obama has been filling his administration with a gallery of radicals. Because the legion of so-called “czars” he has been appointing to head various task forces do not require Senate confirmation, these offices are the easiest places for him to appoint leftist comrades to high office, but he is even attempting to appoint radicals to posts that require confirmation.

Obama's environmental czar, for example, was a member of a Socialist organization. His science czar believes that public drinking water should be laced with chemicals that would sterilize people. Obama's “green jobs” czar had to resign recently amidst a controversy over his past acknowledgment of being a communist and subscribing to the conspiracy theory that the United States was behind the September 11 Attacks, as well as unbecoming statements that he made while serving in office.

Undaunted, Obama has nominated yet another radical, Cass Sunstein, to his budget office. Sunstein believes that animals should be allowed to bring lawsuits, that rats should not exterminated if the process of exterminating them is painful, but that organs should be taken from humans unless they had expressly stated that they do not wish to donate their organs.

Conservatives must oppose Sunstein's nomination, as well as the nomination of any more radicals. Meanwhile, it is critical to continue to expose those radicals still serving in the Obama Administration. Most importantly, conservatives must oppose not only the specific radical policies of the Administration, but the massive growth and centralization of power of the federal government in general, which allows for radical policies to be implemented that reduce the liberty of Americans.

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