Monday, February 15, 2010

Iraq's Chemical Ali Executed

Recently, infamous war criminal Ali Hassan al-Majid was executed by the Iraqi government for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Known as “Chemical Ali,” for his use of chemical weapons against Kurdish Iraqis, the Iraqi was hanged for crimes committed against them in the late 1980s. Ali had been sentenced to death after an Iraqi trial.

Ali was captured after the Liberation of Iraq in 2003. Like his cousin, Saddam Hussein, Chemical Ali and many other war criminals from Hussein's Baathist regime have finally been brought to justice because of the war.

The main purpose of the Liberation of Iraq was to remove a terrorist-sponsoring regime with a history of aggression from power, but enforcing United Nations resolutions, liberating the Iraqi people from oppression and providing them an opportunity for self-determination, and bringing war criminals to justice were other justifications cited by United States President George W. Bush. An additional benefit of the war has been the defeat of al-Qaeda and other Jihadist forces that came to Iraq to resist the American-lead Coalition of the Willing.

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