Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ten-Month Blog Hit Report

Thank you for your patronage of my blog. Last month, there were nearly 200 visits to my blog, bringing the total since April 2, 2009 to nearly 1,370. Even though I had been posting for over four months before I installed the counter, over half of my total posts have been visited, not including those whose visit to my blog started on its homepage. I am also especially pleased at how many have been visited considering that about a tenth of my posts are blog reports or other personal notes.

As always, I define a visit as a hit at least one hour after the individual’s last hit and do not count my own visits.

Two significant milestones were passed last month: 1) over a thousand people have visited my blog in the 10 months I have been tracking visits, and 2) those whose visit did not begin on my blog's homepage have visited over a thousand times.

The Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization continues as the most popular post, with over 280 hits, followed by The Economy, Deficit and Debt at George W. Bush’s inauguration, with nearly 170. The most visits from the United States have come from California, other than Pennsylvania. Visitors outside the U.S. have come from 57 foreign states and Hong Kong, with the most still coming from Malaysia.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please visit my blog a few times a week. Thank you for visiting.

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