Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog Notes and Update on the Federal Student Loan Monopoly

I am sorry that I have not posted as frequently lately, although two of my posts this month were unusually long, as one was a report on the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference (PLC) and the other was a digest of foreign news. Also, I posted a lengthy comment in response to a question posted by a visitor to my post Two Big Myths about the Founding Fathers, from April of 2009.

I would like to thank the Commonwealth Foundation for linking to my report on the PLC on its blog. That post represents an example of how bloggers can be journalists, a legal question that has arisen again recently.

I hope my readers do not mind my occasional repetition, but, as in broadcast journalism, there is a “tune-in factor,” as my counter reveals; Visitors may view a newer post, but not necessarily a previous similar or related one.

Please make use of the search bar on my blog. However, I discovered recently that it no longer seems to be picking up my earliest posts. I shall endeavor to work around this deficiency in order to better serve my readers, at least by specifying the month and year, as I did above, in order to be able to find it through the archives listed on the left-hand column.

I shall take this opportunity to note my prediction of job losses because of the federal takeover of students loans came true (See my post Anti-Monopoly Liberal “Progressives” Create a Student Loan Monopoly, March of 2010), as Sally Mae, the largest lender to students in the United States, announced the next day that it would lay off 2,500 student loan experts.

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