Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blog and Personal Notes; Cinfici's Reelection

My last post was my 200th. Thank you for visiting my blog, especially all of you loyal readers.

One personal note I did not mention in my analysis of the 2010 Pennsylvania Primary Election is that I was reelected as Republican Committeeman representing my precinct, Reading 17-7 on the Berks County Republican Committee (actually, my old precinct was combined with another one during my current term, meaning that I was actually elected to represent a new precinct that included my old one). I was first elected in 1992 and have been serving as Chairman of the Reading Republican City Committee the last six years. I have also been serving on the Executive Committee of the Berks GOP during nearly that entire time.

I have still been following up on issues from my service as Reading School Director, as well as advising current Board members, which is why I have held off on issuing a post I had drafted about my experiences, as promised. I am pleased to continue to be of service even as a private citizen.

I continue to enjoy blogging. Again, thank you for visiting. I appreciate the positive feedback I have been receiving privately. Please continue to give me suggestions for topics or to ask me good questions.

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