Monday, May 17, 2010

Primary Elections in Pennsylvania and Other States

Significant primary elections will be conducted on Tuesday, May 18 in Pennsylvania and several other states across the Union.

At stake in the Keystone State are party nominations for the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, United States Senator and all of Pennsylvania's U.S. Representatives, as well as half of its State Senate seats and all of its seats in the House of Representatives. In addition, in some municipalities, such as my city of Reading, there are referenda on the ballot.

A number of closely-watched primaries for both major political parties are also being held for U.S. Senate in other states, among other contests.

These primary elections in Pennsylvania and other states, like many that are being held this year throughout the United States, are significant not only because of the importance of the offices for which the parties are nominating candidates, but also, in some cases, because of the contrasts in ideology. A number of incumbents are facing stiff challenges, while there are also many contests for the nomination for open seats. Moderately liberal Democrats are being challenged by far-left wing candidates while conservative Republicans are being challenged by more strongly conservative candidates or by libertarians/isolationists trying to capitalize on the conservative momentum by portraying themselves as conservative and everyone else as equally leftist.

These contested primary elections have generated much interest and enthusiasm and provided voters with the opportunities to chose between sharply-contrasted candidates. Electors this year will have little reason to complain about the lack of choices in the General Election, as the primaries are providing them an abundance of choice. Remember to vote!

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