Friday, October 31, 2014

Elections in Ukraine and Tunisia Restore Liberty

           Ukrainians voted earlier this week in parliamentary elections for pro-Western members, who won a majority, in Ukraine’s first popular elections after the overthrow of its oppressive, corrupt pro-Russian government and subsequent invasion by the Russian Federation.  The new President had already been several months ago.  The transitional government ratified a trade deal with the European Union.  The rejection of such a deal by the previous government in favor of one with Russia touched off the protests that lead to its ouster.  The new Government is expected to continue to support an opening with the West, while opposing pro-Russian separatists fighting in eastern Ukraine with Russian support, while trying to improve relations with the Russian Federation as much as possible.  Russian and Ukraine recently reached a deal on natural gas, for example.

            In the first elections in Tunisia since the “Arab Spring” that began there led to the overthrow of the state’s longtime dictator, Tunisians voted earlier this week for members of parliament under a new constitution that guarantees liberty.  Islamist parties lost to secular parties that are expected to form a government that will continue Tunisia’s fight against Islamist terrorists. 

           The free and fair elections in Ukraine and Tunisia exhibited the return to representative government, beyond the good results.  Congratulations to the people of Ukraine and Tunisia.  May you enjoy and ever safeguard your liberty.

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