Friday, October 24, 2014

Tom Wolf’s Leftist Platform: Tax and Spend; Promote Abortion and Gun Control; and Limit Coal and Gas

           As if being anti-coal and natural gas, pro-abortion (including public funding of abortion on demand) and anti-right to keep and bear arms were not out of step enough with Pennsylvanians, Democratic gubernatorial nominee would also be a liberal tax and spender to a massive degree should he be elected Pennsylvania Governor and implement his left-wing platform.

            Here are some of the known planks of Tom Wolf’s leftist platform:

           Raise taxes on those earning above around $70,000 a year by approximately 188% 

           Dramatically increase spending by billions of dollars

           Undo welfare reform by eliminating the asset test for determining eligibility for welfare benefits

           Ignore the state’s worsening multi-billion dollar pension crisis

           Maintain the Commonwealth’s wholesale and retail monopoly on alcohol and continue to prohibit Pennsylvanians from purchasing alcohol out of state

           Impose a moratorium on further natural gas development and impose an additional tax on the natural gas drilling companies, in addition to the high corporate state taxes they already pay

           Support the Obama Administration’s anti-coal policies

           Expand Medicaid under the federalization of health insurance “Obamacare,” which could cost the     Commonwealth millions of dollars and expand a program that is already broken, including funding abortion on demand with taxpayer dollars

           Eliminate reasonable restrictions on abortion

           Redefine marriage to recognize legally homosexual unions

           Require facilities to include “gender” neutral bathrooms

           Require public schools to include “gender identity” and sexual orientation in their curriculum

           Not eliminate real estate taxes

           Eliminate charter schools 

           Implement numerous unreasonable restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, such as requiring background checks for the transfer of a gun from one family member to another, banning the possession of certain sporting guns, opposing reciprocity agreements with other states for concealed carry permits and giving municipalities the power to restrict even further the right to keep and bear arms.

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