Monday, February 16, 2015

War on Terrorism Updates: Libya, Nigeria, Europe

In a follow-up and update to my post yesterday calling for United Nations intervention in Yemen and Libya, I note there are fears in Italy that jihadists could infiltrate the multitude of refugees from Arab states coming to its shores I mentioned that have been burdening the Italian Republic.  The “Islamic State,” which has affiliates in Libya, has threatened to conquer RomeLibya is only a few hundred miles from Italian territory.  Italy, which formerly ruled Libya, supports United Nations-sponsored negotiations in Libya among the warring parties, but is supportive of UN-authorized action, should diplomacy fail.  The Libyan government, which notes Italy is especially vulnerable to the spread of Islamist attacks from Libya, is pleading for more international intervention, including air strikes and the supply of weapons.

Egyptian warplanes did strike “Islamic State” targets in Libya after the Islamists murdered the kidnapped Coptic Christian Egyptians who had gone to Libya to work.  As I mentioned in a post earlier this month, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have bombed Islamists in Libya who are fighting the Libyan government, as Egypt continues to battle “Islamic State-affiliated” rebels in the Sinai Peninsula.  The Egyptian government also has been cracking down on supporters of the Islamist government it replaced by popular demand after the Islamists became oppressive.  In addition to the numerous other African states besides Egypt battling terrorism I praised in that same post, Benin is also sending troops to Nigeria to fight the al-Qaeda affiliate there, as the Islamists have launched attacks in Cameroon, Niger and Chad, each of which is fighting al-Qaeda and supporting Nigeria. 

Numerous European states have been implementing various anti-terrorism measures, especially in regard to those who go abroad to wage violent jihad and who could pose a threat to their homelands upon return. 

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