Sunday, November 29, 2015

Seventh Anniversary of My Blog; Blog Visit Report

           Friday was the seventh anniversary of my blog.  Thank you for visiting.

            Blogger has tracked an average of several hundred pageviews each month over the last year, with a significant increase over last year, especially since March, despite the fact that I posted fewer times than last year.  Although the blog hosts’ tracking service is not as specific as StatCounter’s, and does not always capture every pageview that the latter does, it does capture a much higher net number of pageviews because it tracks those who use blocking programs, unlike StatCounter.  As I have posted before, I suspect more people are using such programs than before.  Although Blogger captures only more general information than StatCounter, I can see the entry website and sometimes even see the queries searched, which allows me to deduce that the visits are not necessarily spam, but are from real people.  On both trackers, unlike before, most of the queries are encrypted. 

I can theorize that at least some of the increase in traffic since March was because of my political campaign, which was also especially noticeable in the General Election from StatCounter’s tracking, but I can see from Blogger that all posts were visited, some of them dozens of times, with the most hits for posts not related to the campaign.  In addition, like StatCounter also tracks, several of the older posts continue to be visited.  

As always, I especially appreciate those who follow my blog, visit repeatedly, post my blog posts to other websites or comment.  I also appreciate the compliments I receive offline.  Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions and please continue to visit.  Again, thank you.   

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