Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Reading Eagle Publishes “Community Leader” Cinfici’s Advice for the New Reading Mayor

           The Reading Eagle today published a story in which it solicited advice from community leaders for the newly-elected Mayor of Reading.  The story included eight “community leaders,” including two City residents, one Democrat and one Republican.  I represented the Reading Republican City Committee. 

            I strove to provide advice beyond what the mayor-elect has already stated or what I thought would typically be mentioned by others and focused on points of concern from a resident’s perspective that reflected conservative and Republican common-sense principles in an urban environment.  The new mayor is a Democrat, as Democrats outnumber Republicans in Reading by a 5:1 margin.

           Here is the link to the story, in which the Eagle took four one-sentence pieces of advice from each of the community leaders and compiled them into categories to establish a consensus:  

           Here is a link to the story, which was not in the printed edition, that includes all of the advice, verbatim, from each community leader:  

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