Monday, April 3, 2017

Eight-Year Blog Visit Report

           Thank you for visiting my blog.  In the eight years that StatCounter has been tracking pageviews of my blog, there have been nearly 6,760 strictly-defined visits to my blog, as there were nearly 360 tracked during the last year, an increase of 20% from the year before.

            Visits do not include my own and are only counted if the particular pageviews are identifiable and if an individual’s pageviews are at least one hour apart.  Obviously artificial visitors are discounted.  As I have noted in previous reports, StatCounter does not track nearly as many pageviews as Blogger, the blog host, but allows for better analysis because of its more specificity.  Even with the increase in visits over the last year tracked by StatCounter, there have been fewer visits tracked by it than a few years ago, when the average had been four times as high, but there has simultaneously been a significant increase of pageviews tracked by Blogger, as people have become more likely to block fuller tracking. 

            StatCounter has tracked a dramatic increase in blog visits that are initiated on my blog homepage in recent years.  Although The Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization, from April of 2009, with over 1,600 visits, continues to be the most visited page since StatCounter began tracking visits to my blog earlier that month, Useless Cabinet Departments, from March of 2011, was the most popular blog post over the last year, with 30 visits, followed by a second-place tie between The Reverend Monsignor Felix A. Losito, Rest in Peace, from November of that year and Presidential Electors are Supposed to Represent the States and the People from November of 2016, each with 18 visits.  Also attracting at least 15 visits over the last year were Chester Arthur, the Most Underrated U.S. President, from April of 2012 and Commentary on the Roman Influence on America Exhibit at the Constitution Center, from July of 2010, which has been visited over 500 times, the second-most of any post.  As Blogger had tracked, there was a significant increase in traffic to my blog because of the presidential election.  There continue to be visits tracked by StatCounter from across the American Union and from every inhabited continent, including from schools, news media and major companies.

            As authoritarianism has increased around the globe, defending liberty, which is the mission of this blog, has become increasingly necessary.  

           Again, thank you for visiting, especially those of you who are regular visitors, and for following and for the offline comments you give me.  Please visit regularly and follow my blog if you do not already and post comments or contact me offline for feedback or to ask questions or suggest additional topics.  

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