Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Foreign Digest: Protests in Venezuela, South Africa, Russia and Hungary

           There continue to be anti-corruption and pro-democratic protests in Venezuela, Russia and Hungary, As I had posted earlier this month.  In addition, there have been anti-corruption protests in South Africa

            There have been more pro-democratic and anti-corruption protests in Venezuela and they have been more widespread, both geographically and in terms of class, as even the poor are turning against the Socialist regime.   The dictator is confronted everywhere he goes by demonstrators.

South Africa
            There have been major anti-corruption protests against the leftist leader of South Africa.  His African National Congress party, which dominates South African politics, continues to back him, despite his corruption.

            The opposition leader, released from prison last week, plans more protests in June against the authoritarian kleptocracy of Russian Federation ex-KGB dictator Vladimir Putin.

            There continue to be pro-democratic protests against Hungary’s illiberal nationalist government.  

           Protests are often a highly effective way of pressuring authoritarians to moderate or to leave power, as the demonstrations shatter the myth of the dictator’s popularity and encourage further resistance.

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