Sunday, May 28, 2017

Foreign Digest: Cuba, Italy, Turkish Embassy to the United States, South China Sea

Cuba: American-flag-carrying protestor beaten
A Cuban carried an American flag earlier this month at a rally attended by Communist Dictator Raul Castro.  The protestor was beaten and arrested, which demonstrated the continued lack of freedom of assembly and respect for human rights by the regime.  The United States with the people of its neighbor until all the Cuban people are free.

Turkish Embassy to the United States: Turkish guards beat protestors
            Turkish security guards outside of Turkey’s embassy in Washington beat up peaceful protestors earlier this month, apparently at the command of the Turkish Islamist authoritarian president, who had arrived at the embassy grounds during the protest.  The District of Columbia Police had to intervene to protect the protestors, who were attacked on American soil for exercising their freedoms.  Although such an assault is typical in Turkey, it is extraordinary at an embassy to the United States

The Trump Administration has neither condemned the assault by the Turkish guards, nor made any effort to prosecute the guards or at least declare them persona non grata.  The media and private citizens have been identifying the culprits, who should be prosecuted and expelled while the Administration must condemn this unacceptable violation of freedom by a foreign government. 

South China Sea: the United States defends the freedom of the seas
            After a delay of several months, the Trump Administration is now continuing the previous Administration’s policy of defending the freedom of the seas against expansive Chinese Communist territorial claims and threats by conducting freedom of navigation naval cruises through the South China Sea

Italy: reduction of state-sponsored gambling 
           The Italian Republic is significantly decreasing the number of state-owned slot machines because of the harmful social affects of gambling. 

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