Thursday, May 4, 2017

Update on the Protests in Russia and Hungary

There were more arrests this week of protesters who were demonstrating against Russian Federation authoritarian leader Vladimir Putin’s plans for a fourth term as president.  Anti-Putin protesters in Russia risk arrest because the dictatorship does not respect the freedom of peaceful assembly.  They are protesting against authoritarianism and kleptocracy.

Meanwhile, the democratic opposition leader was injured by an attack earlier this week that may cause permanent blindness in one of his eyes.  The Russian dictatorship yesterday prohibited him from seeking healthcare outside of Russia.

Another major opposition figure had been poisoned earlier this year, which was the second time he was nearly poisoned to death.  Two years ago, the leader of the democratic opposition was murdered near the Kremlin.  Extra-judicial killings and other attacks, such as poisonings, of regime opponents, journalists and other critics are common in Russia, in addition to false prosecutions.  Hundreds have been killed and many others imprisoned or driven into exile.  In the tightly-controlled police state, the attackers, who certainly are operating on behalf of the regime, are never prosecuted.  

The latest protests in Hungary against the illiberal Hungarian government have also been pro-European and anti-Russian.

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