Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blog Post Recieves 100th Hit

I am pleased to report a significant milestone for my blog. One of the posts on my blog, "The Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization," has received its 100th hit. Hits from this post alone have come from the United States and 21 foreign states on 5 continents. I am not including several readers who viewed my blog homepage when this post was still among the seven that are always viewable there, some of whom I know also viewed the post. Several of those searchers who viewed my post viewed the post multiple times (I define a second hit as a visit at least one hour later than the first one) or went on to view other posts, especially "Follow-up to the Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization."

I am especially pleased that a post on my blog has reached such a milestone, considering that I do not publicly advertise this blog, which has received almost 430 hits overall since April 2, not including my own. Thank you, dear readers, for your support!

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