Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama's Federalization of Health Insurance Would Cover Abortion

There are several problems with President Barak Obama's plan to federalize health insurance, including the cost and the expansion of the federal bureaucracy, with the corresponding loss of liberty, as I have noted in earlier posts. Of particular concern is that government rationing of health care could adversely effect health care for seniors or others the government deems unworthy of spending money to save, and could lead to euthanasia, as happens in foreign states with similar socialized health care systems.

Another part of Obama's health insurance federalization also threatens the right to life: insurance coverage for abortion. Worse, not only would federal insurance for abortion legitimatize it and encourage more of it, but Obama and Congressional Democrats would force taxpayers to pay for abortions, even those who morally oppose it. Obama already forced taxpayers to pay organizations that promote abortion abroad, but his health insurance federalization plan would fund abortions directly with taxpayer dollars.

As critics of President Bill Clinton's 1994 plan to federalize health care noted at that time, abortion is not health care, but the opposite of it. Federal insurance coverage for abortion is one more reason to oppose Obama's radical plan to federalize health insurance.

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