Monday, January 17, 2011

Commentary on Liberal Democrats and Congress

     I posted this month on the Lame Duck session, but did not find it necessary to post an analysis of the entire 111th Liberal Democratic Congress, as I had posted over its two-year term on its actions as the most spendthrift Congress in American history and as taking over more and more of the free market at the expense of liberty.

     The attempt by liberals to blame the attempted assassination of a Democratic member of the United States Congress on conservatives is an attempt to silence criticism. The fact that the would-be assassin, who also killed a Republican-appointed federal judge among other innocent victims, is obviously insane and influenced by irrational far-left wing conspiracy theories, will not deter them from attempting to take political advantage of the opportunity not only to demean conservatives, but to intimidate them from exercising their freedom of expression. This crass liberal attempt reflects their view that there are no evil people in the world, except conservatives. Liberals will also renew their knee-jerk reactions against the right to keep and bear arms, which will distract from a discussion about whether their unsafe policy of no longer institutionalizing insane people is appropriate. Meanwhile, we should all be grateful for the failure of the assassination attempt, as it was an attack on representative government, and continue to pray for the victims and their families. Let us also pray for the failure of the left’s attack on representative government by intimidating their critics.

     The discomfort of liberals with the reading of the Constitution in the U.S. House of Representatives by the new Republican majority suggests their lack of reverence for the founding document. It is appropriate that the document that created Congress and provides its authority to act be read before the beginning of every term. As usual, liberals complain that because the Constitution did not immediately free everyone totally, it is so imperfect as not to be revered. They fail to recognize the progress of its federal guarantees of liberty to all persons, including even slaves (which it refers to as “persons”), and its various anti-slavery provisions, while blaming the Founding Fathers for not overruling the states that formed the federal Union. Indeed, liberals confuse one anti-slavery provision, the Three Fifths Rule, with racism. See my post from April of 2009, Two Big Myths about the Founding Fathers: The Myth About the Three Fifths Rule and the Myth that Washington Warned against “Entangling Alliances.” Another odd argument liberals have been advancing again, as they did the last time Republicans won the Congressional majority, is that the Republican proposals for various constitutional amendments is evidence of an anti-Constitutional ideology. Leaving aside the fact that liberals are responsible for many of the Amendments that have been adopted within the last century, in addition to others that they proposed, the amendments proposed by Republicans, are not based upon contempt for the Constitution, but represent the use of its amendment process in order to prevent abuses. Conservatives, unlike liberals, respect that democratic process, instead of overriding it by appointing activists judges who substitute their own whim for constitutional principles.

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