Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update: 27 States Are Now Parties to Lawsuits against the Federalization of Health Insurance

     Six more American States have joined Florida's lawsuit against the Obama Administration's federalization of health insurance, making a total of 26 in that civil action.  They are suing the federal government over its individual mandate to purchase health insurance and over the unfunded federal mandate on states to pay for the significant expansion of Medicaid.

     Florida's lawsuit is separate from Virginia's, which won on a motion for summary judgment that declared the federal mandate unconstitutional, as I had posted last month.  All together, then, there are 27 states suing the federal government over the law that federalized health insurance for violating states rights'.  The extraordinary fact that a majority of states are objecting to a federal law on constitutional grounds ought to be weighed carefully by the federal courts.

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