Saturday, March 12, 2011

Abolish Daylight Saving Time

     Daylight Saving Time should be abolished.  It is not only inconvenient, dangerous and costly, but unnecessary.

     It is inconvenient to have to change the clocks twice a year, but this inconvenience extends to the disruption of sleeping and eating patterns.  Many people forget to change their clocks, which presents other sorts of inconveniences.

     The disruption of sleep is also dangerous in many ways.  A further danger to safety is the increase in darkness in the morning hours, which leads to more traffic accidents.

     As a conservative, I am particularly disturbed by the costliness, in terms of time and production, to business and even to government of all the clock-changing, which is especially magnified nowadays with computerization.  Much unnecessary computer programing and operation is necessitated by this outdated custom.

     But my biggest reason for opposing Daylight Saving Time is that it does not save any daylight, as even the most arrogant government cannot change the rising or the setting of the sun.  There is still the same amount of daylight under Daylight Saving Time as under Standard time, just at a different time.  Moreover, it is implemented at the wrong season, as the time when more daylight in the morning would be appreciated would be in the wintertime, not the summertime. 

     I propose a common-sense solution: adjust work or school schedules seasonally instead.


Anonymous said...

My suggestion is to not change scheduling at all. Does being predictable not make sense?

The Definitive Word said...

Yes, your point is well-taken, anonymous, as it reflects my concern about inconvenience. I meant only to suggest schedule changes as a reasonable optional alternative to the status quo (e.g. not starting work or school in the wintertime darkness of morning hours, which would save the cost of lighting buildings while reducing accidents, without all the clock-changing).

Anonymous said...

We are so stupid that we let politicians tell us what time of day it is! DST does not save oil in fact it increases gas consumption! So all you people who say "we love the extra hour" which you do not get, will be the same ones crying about the cost of filling up your SUV. DST does increase auto accidents, does increase heart attacks but does not save a cent and costs us more! What a pitiful bunch of people you are to tolerate this.