Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pennsylvania State Senate Special Election

     There will be a Special Election for the 11th Senatorial District of Pennsylvania on Tuesday, March 15 in order to fill a vacancy created by the death of a Democratic Senator who held the seat for 38 years.  The seat is based around Reading and much of the greater Reading area in Berks County.

     The current composition of the Senate, with the vacancy, is 30 Republicans, 19 Democrats.  State Senate seats seldom change party hands in the Keystone State.  This election is the only one in the Commonwealth scheduled until the General Election in November, other than the Primary Election.

     The Republican nominee is Larry Medaglia, who serves as the Berks County Register of Wills, and is a cousin of mine.  He is fiscally conservative, pro-life, pro-gun and committed to advocating for the City of Reading. 

     It was his candidacy for which the Lieutenant Governor, Jim Cawley, appeared in Reading last week, which I posted about.

     Vote on Tuesday, March 15.

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