Friday, March 11, 2011

March of 2011 Personal Notes

     I apologize, dear readers, for not having posted as frequently as usual during the last several weeks, as I have been unusually preoccupied with local political matters. 

     One major example is that I have decided to seek election to the Reading School Board again, but will hold off on commenting further until I have more time. 

     Also, I had the honor of introducing the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, Jim Cawley, whom I have known since our time in the College Republicans, at tonight's Spring Dinner of the Berks County Republican Committee. 

     I did, however, post a response to a comment that I appreciated from a visitor from the Philippines to my post from April of 2009, the Rise and Fall of Islamic Civilization  As you can see, I can post the link to previous posts, which I hope will make visitors more likely to view them, instead of relying upon them to use the archive or search functions on the left-hand column, although the link can be established only in posts, not in posted comments.

     I hope to post a several more times over the next few days about some timely issues.  Please visit again soon.  Thank you.

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