Monday, May 26, 2014

Presidential Elections in Ukraine

           The presidential election was held in Ukraine yesterday.  The elections were free and fair.  However, in eastern Ukraine, pro-Russian insurgents attempted to disrupt the election by damaging polling materials and stations, threats and violence that intimidated many voters into participating.  In my last post on Ukraine earlier this month, I had discussed the Russian and Ukrainian Russophile attempt to disrupt the election. Voter turnout was high in predominately Ukrainian-speaking western Ukraine and low in predominately Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine

           Businessman Petro Poroshenko appears to have easily won a majority among the crowded field of candidates.  He plans to crush militarily the pro-Russian insurgents quickly, but to negotiate an end to violence with both them and the Russian Federation.  Poroshenko has attracted a sense of unity amidst Ukraine's crisis, as the other major candidates have congratulated him.  It is hoped that Ukraine can remain independent, whole and free and soon enjoy peace and good relations with both Russia and Western Europe and the United States, while eliminating its debt and returning to prosperity.

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