Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Defenders of the Family in Italy Defeat the Legalization of Homosexual Adoptions

           The main center-left Italian party that forms the majority of the Italian Government has abandoned its proposal to allow homosexuals to adopt their same-sex partner’s children because of strong protests from pro-family Italians.  The proposal was part of a proposed civil unions bill. 

            The adoption provision was opposed by the influential Catholic Church, pro-family activists and by the conservative political parties, including the center-right party that is the junior member of the coalition government.  There was even a significant contingent of Catholic Members of Parliament from the ruling center-left party who opposed the measure. 

Defenders of the family were concerned that same-sex civil unions would be the equivalent of marriage, an institution which is in the Italian constitution, as they recognized marriage as the foundation of society.  A larger concern was that because homosexual adoptions would undermine the right of children to have a mother and a father, it could lead to the legalization of surrogate motherhood, an anti-family practice most Italians find appalling.   

The victory by pro-family forces in Italy should provide encouragement to those who defend the family elsewhere in Western Europe and even beyond.

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