Monday, February 15, 2016

Restore Washington’s Birthday and Eliminate “Presidents’ Day”

           As I do every year on this holiday, I renew this year my call for a restoration of the celebration of Washington’s Birthday as a federal and state holiday across the American Union. 

            The federal holiday is legally called “Washington’s Birthday,” but is commonly referred to as “Presidents’ Day” and most States have officially dropped George Washington’s name in favor of “Presidents’ Day” or a similar name, although a few include Abraham Lincoln’s name along with the Father of Our Country.  With the celebration statutorily set when it is, it can never fall on February 22, the birthday of Washington

            I have noted in previous posts the day is intended to honor Washington, not only as the first President of the United States, but as the General who led the Americans to victory in the Revolutionary War and as the indispensable Founding Father, not as a day to honor all the Presidents or the presidency.  As Washington’s greatness as an American is unparalleled, the day celebrating his birth should not be diluted with the inclusion of other Presidents. 

            With the passage of time, although there have been other great Americans and Presidents, Washington stands out ever more as a most successful leader who was brave, humble and honorable.  Just as America needed Washington over two centuries ago, it needs him today. 

           Renaming the holiday intended to honor him for his birthday would help Americans to consider Washington’s accomplishments, to emulate his example and to choose honorable leaders.  

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