Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cinfici’s Latest Piece at the Federalist Re: the Representative Role of the Electoral College

           My latest piece in The Federalist was published on how the Electoral College was intended to be a representative body, whose members exercise their best judgment in the best interests of the people and States they represent, in good conscience:

My article in The Federalist is similar to my blog post from earlier this month, but includes a discussion about the formation of the Democratic Party in protest of the body the Framers established, which led to more democratizing of American politics and away from representative republicanism.  

With the current attempts by Democrats and liberals to persuade the Electors to vote for the Democratic nominee because of her lead in the “popular vote,” the piece in the Federalist is especially timely.  They are right to exercise their freedom to attempt to persuade the Electors, but for the wrong reasons and candidate, as I explain in the article that there is no such thing as the popular vote for president because the presidential election is not a democratic exercise.  Instead of advocating for her on the basis of the Democratic Electors having received the most votes, the Democrats and liberals, together with principled constitutional conservatives, should be persuading the Republican Electors, who comprise the majority of the Electoral College, to vote for anyone else they judge to be fit to preside over the Union of States, which is a more politically likely way to fulfill their constitutional duty of exercising this safeguard.

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