Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving; Blog Notes

           I wish all the Americans particularly who visit my blog a Happy Thanksgiving! 

The first Thanksgiving was held for the early Seventeenth-Century English colonists in America to give thanks to God for the bounty they had received from the land and for the friendship and advice from their Native American neighbors.  The first President of the United States, George Washington, established Thanksgiving as a federal holiday to give thanks for blessings, particularly as a public thanksgiving for freedom.  This public acknowledgment of the Creator affirms the divine origin of rights.

This year, liberty is a blessing for which we can especially be grateful.  We give thanks to those who help us to enjoy our freedom, especially during this War on Terrorism.  This Thanksgiving holiday is also a reminder to that we must be especially vigilant in maintaining liberty against authoritarianism.

I plan to post guidance on ways to defend the Constitution and liberty and even to advance it, as well as to defend and advance representative government in America

After the ballots have been counted and votes certified, I plan also to post conservative analyses of the general elections in both Pennsylvania and across the Union.  

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