Sunday, November 20, 2016

Several Pennsylvania Bills Are Signed into Laws

           Since the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s budget and related bills were passed and signed into law, the state legislature, led by Republicans, passed several bills that were signed into law by the liberal Democratic Governor. 

            There were several measures signed into law to address the state’s opioid crisis, while another act stiffens penalties for gun crimes.  A bill to legalize and regulate ride-sharing in Pennsylvania was also signed into law.

            In addition to the measures I posted about earlier this year, there were several more bills enacted to liberalize partially the sale of alcohol in Pennsylvania.  However, there was no privatization of the Commonwealth’s wholesale monopoly and the state’s retail system will continue.  

           Although these laws make the state safer and somewhat freer, there is much work for the legislature left unfinished.  The General Assembly still has passed no bills for pension reform or for the elimination of real estate taxes.  There were no major spending cuts, as the Governor favors increased spending, despite a large projected budget deficit, and a measure to enact further restrictions on abortion did not advance far enough for a vote.

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