Monday, November 28, 2016

Eighth Anniversary of My Blog; Blogger Report

           Yesterday was the eighth anniversary of the launch of my blog in 2008.  Thank you for visiting and making it successful.  I especially appreciate those who visit regularly.

            I always take this occasion to report on my blog’s statistics from its host, Blogger.  Although these analytics are less specific than those of StatCounter, the blog host’s does track more page views, on net, than StatCounter.

            The trend from last year of more pageviews continued into this year and then doubled.  Whereas before mid-2015, there were an average of around 450 pageviews per month and 15 pageviews per day, with a low of under 6 to a high of over well over 20 per day, starting around May of last year through June of this year, the totals for more than half of the months exceeded 20, ranging as high as over 22, with the rest of the months ranging from over 10-18.  But starting in July of this year, there have been more than 1,000 pageviews nearly every month.  There were 25 pageviews a day in the lowest month and 40 in the highest months. 

The news stories about my resignation from the Republican Committee because of the GOP nomination of Donald Trump and the publication of two of my articles at The Federalist, as well as increased general interest in the presidential election, were likely responsible for the sharp rise in visits, a trend which is continuing, although many of my older posts continue to be viewed.  I plan to continue to post issues of interest to conservatives, particularly in regard to current events, in order to maintain vigilance in defense of liberty.  

Again, thank you for visiting and for the offline compliments, questions and suggestions I often receive.  Please continue to visit regularly, and to follow, comment or post links to my blog at social media and other websites.

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