Sunday, November 9, 2014

Conservative Analysis of the 2014 Pennsylvania General Election

           The Republican wave in the 2014 General Elections extended to Pennsylvania, despite the loss of the incumbent Republican Governor.  

           Keystone State Republicans added to their majorities in both houses of the General Assembly.  The GOP will now hold a 30-20 majority in the Senate, with the gain of three seats, and enjoy a 119-84 edge in the House, its largest since 1958, with the pickup of eight seats.  Taxes, the federalization of health insurance (“Obamacare”) and energy (particularly the State’s natural gas and coal industries) were among the concerns of voters in elected Republicans who were conservative or at least campaigned on conservative issues.  Pennsylvanians opted for divided government as a check on the tax and spend policies of the incoming liberal Democratic Governor, whose election reflected more of a personal rejection of the Republican incumbent than a triumph of liberalism. 

Republicans maintained their 13-5 edge in Pennsylvania’s U.S. House delegation, including the retention of an open seat in a competitive district.  The same issues in the federal elections were of concern to the voters as elsewhere across the Union.  Voters rejected the liberal Democratic arguments in favor of conservative candidates.              

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Anonymous said...

This is what we need. I just hope if the new group comes in they will be able to prove that their values on the sanctity of human live from conception t natural death will win over today's "culture of death." They have an enormous struggle before them. There are many out there who despise every move a Republican makes, and they will place them under a microscope to find any little fault, etc.