Monday, November 3, 2014

Conservatives Votes Are Critically Needed in the 2014 General Election

           The 2014 General Election is critically important for the cause of liberty and for conservatism, as there are elections across the American Union for significant federal and state offices.

           In the federal elections, seats in both houses of Congress are at stake.  Elections are being held for every seat in the United States House of Representatives, while a third of the seats of the Senate are on the ballot.  Republicans are expected to add to their lead in the House and also gain seats in the Senate and possibly even wrest control of the upper chamber of Congress from the liberal Democrats for the first time in eight years. 

These midterm elections are seen as a referendum on liberal Democratic President Barack Obama’s policies, such as the federalization of health insurance, also known as “Obamacare,” his massive deficit spending that failed to stimulate the economy and increased the federal debt dramatically, his weakness in matters of defense and foreign policy and numerous examples of bureaucratic incompetence and scandals that have characterized his second term even more than the first.  His policies are usually supported by liberal Democratic congressional candidates, in contrast to the conservative policies of Republican candidates who favor fiscal responsibility, smaller government, lower taxes, and a robust defense and foreign policy.

Most States are simultaneously conducting gubernatorial elections, as well as state legislative elections.  As in the Congressional elections, there are many conservative candidates worthy of consideration seeking election, often against liberal opponents in these important state elections.  In addition to typical state concerns, federal policies and the constitutional principle of federalism are issues in these gubernatorial contests, such as whether or not to acquiesce to certain liberal federal policies the Obama Administration has been trying to force States to adopt, such as Obamacare or Common Core.

In some States and municipalities, there are also either statewide or local referenda on the ballot, many of which are of interest to conservatives. 

In Pennsylvania in particular, there is an especially critical race for governor, with conservative Republican reform Governor Tom Corbett seeking reelection against a leftist Democratic candidate tied to former liberal Democratic Governor Ed Rendell and to Obama.  Republicans are expected to keep their relatively large lead in the state House of Representatives, but their narrow control of the state Senate is in jeopardy.  Every seat in the lower chamber is on the ballot and half of the seats of the upper chamber. 

Conservatives across the United States must not miss the opportunity to vote in the General Election for better federal and state government.

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