Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s Pro-Life Record

           In my last post, I enumerated the numerous reforms and improvements of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, a Republican.  In a post last month, I cited the leftist planks of the platform of his liberal Democratic opponent, including his pro-abortion on demand planks. 

            The focus on this post is to emphasize Corbett’s record of support for the right to life, including two significant acts.  One was his signing into law a bill to regulate abortion clinics in the same manner as medical service providers for health and safety procedures.  The law was necessary after the discovery of the Philadelphia “House of Horrors” abortion clinic that had not undergone any health inspection by the state.

            Another pro-life act by Corbett was his signing of a bill into law that barred taxpayer money to be spent on abortion on demand through the federalization of health insurance, “Obamacare.” 

           Corbett supports various pro-life legislative proposals, in sharp contrast with his opponent. Governors not only sign legislation, but appoint and direct administrators to carry out their executive authority and appoint judges to fill judicial vacancies and even United States Senators to fill temporary vacancies in Pennsylvania’s two Senate seats.  Therefore, a gubernatorial candidate’s position on the right to life is critically important to protecting this most basic liberty.  

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